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April Showers Brings...Fashion

April is the month where multiple days consist of rainy weather. In actuality, while living in Florida, the months of June through early December is considered hurricane season. And those months can contain rigid rainy weather. Which makes a raincoat an essential article of clothing, for so many of us Floridians. I can't imagine putting off looking stylish, cause mother nature decided to have a bad day! The first thing that comes to mind when it's raining is the unknown depth of a rain puddle, then the nasty brown mud, and lastly, the fear of slipping, because I'm wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Also, how can I forget my pet peeve for wet sticky clothes! Yuck! While shopping at Macy's a while back, I came across this item, called a handbag raincoat. This item protects your nice purse/tote bag and/or bag contents inside from getting destroyed. Whomever created this handbag rain coat is an absolute genius. Keep reading for a listing of sleek, practical, and comfortable rain wear below. So all you curvy fashionistas are able to stay fly and dry during the rainy season.

Rain coats:

Rain Boots:

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