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Fall(ing) In Love Again

Why can't the weather stay neutral all year long, is what I ask myself most of the time. Unfortunately, the State that I reside in, offers that "not too hot, not too cold" climate only during Autumn. Which exist towards the end of October and up until Thanksgiving. Only a few days have passed, and the leaves are already changing from their normal colors. I've realized that I have love has built up in me for this time of year. Besides the weather, or seasonal events to attend and/or Starbucks famous Pumpkin Spice Latte, the fashion is what I anticipate. Listed below are items that I consider my essentials and I can't wait to wear.

1. Tote Bags: I didn't realize until a few weeks ago, how much I am into tote/handbags. Target and Ross are the hot spots for finding these types of bags. They're spacious, a little huge for some people, yet stylish. 

2. As for my nails, I'm loving OPI's Washington DC collection that focuses on colors associated with this years election. And also dedicated to their chosen ambassador, Kerry Washington. My favorites from this collection are First Lady Of Nails, which is an army green. And then there's inside the Isabelletway, that's described as a "caramel creme" color.

3. Hooded anorak jackets will keep you warm when you're hanging out, going to work or just out running errands. I love how thin and stylish they are. 

4. Booties or slip-ons: Since I'm such a honest Tomboy, but love all things pink, floral and girly, but also comfort, I wear booties and slip-ons all season (Autumn) long. Suede, floral, pink, olive or skinny heel, I will wear one of the two day and night.

6. Silver metallic shirts or blouses. I would pair the skirt with a solid blue or thick striped black and white blouse. 

7. Long Maxi dresses are a go to. Especially for Florida's Autumn weather. They're very laid-back and can be worn together with a thin Moto Jacket for those chilly, windy days or nights.

8. Clothing from the seventies are slowly making a comeback, if you haven't yet noticed. Of course my fave article of clothing of that decade is flared jeans. Specifically flared jeans. Wear the jeans with a tailored blazer and a turtleneck underneath. Or put on a relaxed ensemble, with an Ava & Viv v-neck shirt and a thin-layered, leather jacket.

Hopefully, Florida will allow me to experience the same cool weather, sooner or at the same time, as everyone else, who resides in a city that experiences a traditional Autumn season. I'm in a Ready, Set, Go mode to wear all of these items that I've written about in this post!


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