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Mood: Party

I can remember I was listening to music via Google Play. (Yes, Google Play. I had a Samsung note II phone at the time.) Google Play recommended some songs that Drake was featured on. One of the songs mentioned were Recognize by Partynextdoor. Hesitant, because I didn't feel like wasting my time on another mumbling singer, I went ahead and tapped on the play button. A chance was given. The lush, dark and mysterious production, combined with PND's voice along with it stood out. Before I knew it, I was immediately hooked and couldn’t quit playing the song. I'm the type of individual that will not buy the whole album due to liking only 2 out of 10 songs. His album was released and I decided to once again, take a chance and listen to the album. It surpassed my expectations! I listened to Partynextdoor, singing about how he can wine and dine a woman. Then he allowed it to all hang out with Options. Finally, Thirtsy sealed the deal for me to become a fan, with him sampling, Missy Elliot’s song Ching-a-Ling. Truthfully all of the songs are my favorite. I decided to style an outfit to represent the mood of each song. Please view the ensembles below:


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